Wildlife in Puerto Rico

Wildlife in Puerto Rico

The natural beauty abounds in Puerto Rico! Its nature is an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience an array of outdoor activities, including bird watching in the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, whale watching at Rincon Lighthouse Observation Park, or a nighttime boat trip for dinoflagellates watching at the bioluminescent bay, Bahia La Parquera. 

Bird Watching

A destination for migratory birds, as well as the home for endangered species, Puerto Rico is an ideal location to observe dozens of remarkable birds in their native habitat. With its unique Caribbean location, Puerto Rico has drawn on the biologic diversity of North, South and Central America. Within the island's forests birders can hope to see the delightful little tody (locally called San Pedrito), the unique Puerto Rican lizard-eating cuckoo and the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot (of which only 40 remain alive in a few hidden areas of El Yunque rain forest). Puerto Rico's extensive coastline and small offshore islands make ideal roosts for pelagic birds. Red-footed boobies frequent exotic Mona Island, while Culebra Island hosts more than 120 marine bird nesting colonies. 

Whale Watching

Humpback whales may be seen in the winter from the observation park at the Rincón Lighthouse. The peak season is February, though whales have been spotted from late December through late March. Just ask around the marina or the lighthouse. In the peak season you may see them a few hundred meters off the lighthouse.